Tuesday, May 3, 2011

rtems.info and Power Update

rtems.info is my personal server.  It is a purely volunteer effort and unfunded.  It is in my home.  We lost power Wednesday April 27 about 6pm CST.  Power was restored overnight Sunday.  Monday we returned home and I started to get the server back online.  There was some damage to various MySQL databases so I did a check like this after stopping mysqld:

service mysqld stop
cd /var/lib/mysql
for i in */*.MYI; do myisamchk --max-record-length=1048576 -r -f $i; done
That seemed to resolve all of those issues.

The outstanding issue now is that it appears my ISP had some damage to their network operations center.  All appears OK but in the process of recovering, they have deleted the DNS entry for rtems.info.  This was filed with them last night.

Huntsville is still under a dusk to dawn curfew and power is NOT restored to Research Park.  City schools are scheduled to start again on Thursday May 5.  So we are hoping for power tomorrow or Thursday.

More as it becomes available.

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